Hands Off eCommerce With Fiverr

hands-off-ecommerce-with-fiverrWhile affiliate marketers are spending countless hours building lists and driving traffic to third party offers, eCommerce sites generated over $1 trillion last year – and that’s projected to go up another 44% in the next two years!  Even Mike Duke, the CEO of Walmart, revealed in a 2012 interview that his greatest regret as a CEO was not getting into eCommerce sooner.

If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will.

Hands Off eCommerce With Fiverr teaches you how to THINK like the big eCommerce sites, and outsource all of the grunt work for next to nothing. From market research and sourcing products, to writing product descriptions, to editing photos and graphics, to custom web design using HTML and CSS, Hands off eCommerce With Fiverr takes you through a proven methodology for eCommerce success to take your site from nothing but an idea to launch – without having to lift a finger!

Forget EVERYTHING you think you know about launching an eCommerce site – we’re going to go step by step through what to do, and outsource each step using my hand-picked selection of the best $5 gigs on Fiverr! More than just a list of Fiverr sellers, Hands Off eCommerce With Fiverr is a complete strategy guide that will teach you how to WIN.

  • How to find unique products no one else has.
  • How to establish a personal relationship with a supplier and make them BEG to work with you exclusively!
  • How to choose the right SHOPPING CART for your site (and why this is more important than what you’re selling).
  • How to THINK like an eCommerce expert, and act like a project manager.
  • How to pre-launch an eCommerce site and get thousands of potential visitors ready to shop the DAY your site launches!
  • How to build a brand – not just sell a product. This is why sites like ThinkGeek and Zappos make a KILLING selling the exact same products you can usually find CHEAPER on Amazon!
  • How to understand what your analytics are telling you, and how to use that information to improve conversions!

Then we head over to Fiverr and utilize hand-picked sellers I’ve included in the book who produce QUALITY WORK to handle every aspect of your site including:

  • Market Research
  • Creating Logos and Custom Graphics
  • Creating and Customizing Site Layouts
  • Writing Product Descriptions
  • Product Photo Editing
  • Content Optimization
  • Social Media Graphics

… and more!

In short, this book gives you the foundation you need to start and run a successful eCommerce business on a budget, whether you already have a product or not, and since we’re using FIVERR for the grunt work that means:

  • NO need to know HTML or CSS
  • NO need to write or edit product descriptions
  • NO cropping or editing photos
  • NO writing boring content to attract search engines
  • NO SEO or Link Building

I’m also throwing in a few bonus items, including:

  • A Quick Start Guide that will get you up and running FAST
  • The PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS I use that QUADRUPLE conversion rates.
  • How to re-engage your customers and keep them buying from you over and over!
  • Access to the shopping cart I use for my clients, without paying any monthly fees!

Follow the Amazon link to grab your copy today, and feel free to leave a comment on this page after you’ve had a chance to read it. You can also contact me directly using the form on this site if you have any questions or need some help getting started.

Hands Off eCommerce With Fiverr – Kindle Edition


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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    That was some awesome read, and i loved how you gave resources for all the work. I think I have a project for one of your resources now as i want to figure out this niche I have been interested in.

    Thanks for giving me the heads up to it. I highly recommend it if someone is interested in starting down the eCommerce road. It has been a great help to me, and moved me further down this road I want to navigate, and SUCCEED.



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