Motor Installation

The motor is finally in!

Thanks to Rinker Machine Shop in Tampa, I was able to get the VW clutch plate and coupler perfectly drilled and aligned so they could attach to each other.

Unfortunately I had to do a little cutting on the body to make it work… ugh. When I measured before doing the body work I knew the motor would “fit” but what I didn’t factor in was how much working room I would actually need to line it up with the shaft and slide it on. No way to angle it in, it has to go on perfectly straight with no stress on the shaft or bolts. Fortunately the only area I had to cut out was the license plate. Since it fits back in place, I’m going to clean the edges and reattach it using screws so it will be removable if I ever need to take the motor out.

The good news is that I can fit 19 of the 38 lithium batteries in the front compartment, so I won’t be as rear-heavy as I originally thought.

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